Advantages and Disadvantages of Professional Shopping Cart Software

Advantages & Disadvantages of professional shopping cart software As e-Commerce is becoming a regular technique in the business industry it appears that more and more software development firms are developing professional shopping cart software to be released in the market. There is currently a huge range of free shopping cart software that has been released, and it seems that most e-Commerce website owners prefer these free systems over paid for professional shopping cart software. In this article we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of professional shopping cart software.


• Even though you will have to pay for the solution, you get a cart package that has been fully developed, tested and used in the real working world by other e-Commerce websites. If the solution is used by a popular website service then the chances are it has been under more than enough testing to be deemed ready for use.

• Professional shopping cart software will be supported by the people who developed it. A lot of free solutions out there are simply developed and then discontinued as the freelance developers move onto their next project. Support is essential if you are going to want upgrades as mentioned in our next point.

• As the system is supported, the development team are likely to fix any bugs that may occur and provide patches and security fixes. This means the shopping cart software will only get better as time goes on and furthermore improve your e-Commerce website.

• Your site is likely to be more secure when using a professional software solution as in most cases the it developed house private content management systems. This improves security as public content management systems such as WordPress are constantly under threat from hackers as they try to compromise the free source code.

• Another huge advantage of using professionally developed software in e-Commerce is that they will already support a huge range of different payment options for your customers. There are various carts – that only offer PayPal for payment by standard, and it can take a very long time to find plug-ins or figure out how to add other methods yourself. With professional software you can save time and possibly money as it is all included.


• Your e-Commerce venture might be a small time project and professional cart does cost money which you may not have. In this case you may have to make do with a free shopping cart solution. The good part of conducting business online is that after you have made profit with the free system you can reinvest your money to buy a professional package.

• You trust the developers to do everything they promise to ensure the best experience. It might be slightly difficult to use at first and you might have to spend some time getting used to the bespoke system. You also have to understand that you are vulnerable until patches are made if a security flaw is found.

Is Your Ecommerce Website Free From Bugs? Software Testing Can Help

For ecommerce business organizations looking for delivering a quality user experience and innumerable alternatives to the customers, it is very important to test the e-store thoroughly to avoid any errors and bugs. Testing an ecommerce website comes with its own challenges, but a testing professional can always be innovative and uncover hidden issues before the users can spot them and the post can go live. Besides adding quality, a software testing company can also add additional value by offering usability suggestions to improve the overall user experience.

The retail industry is moving very fast in varied sales channels offering the customers a common view, irrespective of where they choose to shop. There are various key areas where ecommerce software testing should be focused. A lot of attention is needed in the requirement gathering and the design phase. Here is what you should test in your ecommerce store:

User experience:

This is a vital aspect of your e-store and it consists of the look and feel, text, color, logos and etc. While testing your site thoroughly, consider the bottlenecks that can lead your customers to abandon the shopping cart, identify similar scenarios that might increase the bounce rate of your site. In case of any errors, the message displayed should be appropriate and clearly convey the meaning. The earlier you are able to identify the faults; the less cost will it involve while implementing any changes.

Cross browser / cross device:

Today, the market is flooded with many new mobiles and customers are also using them to access applications and websites. These devices use different OS combinations and browsers. Since it is very difficult to identify the most popular browsers and customers keep on changing their preferences, ecommerce business owners prefer to create application that can run on varied devices. Thus an essential part of software testing is to check the compatibility of the site on different devices and browsers.

Shopping cart:

This is one of the prime features of an ecommerce website and thus forms the center of testing the website. Since this enables the customers to select and store various items in the cart and purchase them in one go, any issues with this section can leave the customer frustrated and never come back. A through testing should be done so that the users can easily add items to the cart, increase and decrease the quantity, add items multiple times, sorting and filtering and also remove any items from the cart.

Create an account and login:

Some ecommerce sites allow you to make a purchase only after you create a proper account and login to the site. It is very important to conduct a thorough software testing with all the variations along the user journey. Some areas of consideration are creating account and login, login redirects, login sessions, logout, existing and new accounts and etc.

Payments and transactions:

Any errors in this section can lead to serious damages. A thorough testing of this section is essential so that there are no security flaws and customer transactions are safe. The data that they share with the website remains safe and is not accessed by any unauthorized person.

Reviews of Shopify Ecommerce Solution Software

Reviews of Shopify have always been positive because they are an ecommerce software solution that provides all the features needed by online stores. Being able to use such a service encourages online entrepreneurship, because it offers the easiest and most affordable way to set up these stores. Retailers can start selling their products online in just a few minutes. Plus, they do not need to pay extra for marketing and search engine optimization services because Shopify has integrated all these features along with online shopping cart software.

There is also no need to hire a professional website designer because they offer a wide array of design templates to choose from for designing an online store. Merchants can easily modify the website design on their own if they have the technical knowledge or with the help of a professional, which is a lot more affordable than designing the site from scratch. They can change the entire theme with just a few clicks and it will automatically be switched to the new design. Shopify works with many professionals so if you have any needs that are not met, you can go through their complete directory of ecommerce designers, developers, marketers and more.

People from all over the world can create an account with Shopify. There’s no problem with local currencies, tax rates and the local language because international currencies and languages are supported. Merchants will not incur fees for this because it is an automatic feature of the online store. Merchants can also sell almost anything on their ecommerce websites, be it products or services. Online business owners can fulfill orders through third-party fulfillment centers such as Amazon. Another advantage of this ecommerce software solution is that merchants can view all vital information such as sales statistics, product orders and customer data of their online store through their mobile devices.

Another important reason why most reviews of Shopify are positive is because it provides high levels of reliability and flexibility. Dedicated to heavy security measures, Shopify guarantees that their online stores provide safe transactions and are free of any fraudulent activities. Its comprehensive collection of promotional tools helps with all aspects of marketing the online store. Management of online stores has never been so easy. Shopify has been coined as one of the best ecommerce solution choices on the market today, especially for business owners that are just getting their start online.