The State of E-Commerce in the Developing Nations

The use of the Internet is growing at a high speed worldwide. According to the Internet world stats website the worldwide penetration rates of the Internet is 25.6% in 2009. Under developed nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America are also showing high growth rates in Internet usage. Between the year 2000-2009, Africa shows 1,392.4 %, while Asia and Latin America show 545.9% and 890.8% growth rates respectively.

This fast growth rate in Internet usage in the developing countries affects their international trade situation highly. Nations such as India and China are now becoming among the major participants in this global business environment. They increased their competitiveness highly. Other developing nations from Africa and Latin America are also showing advancements too.

As a result of this high growth in Internet usage and penetration in E-commerce, the above nations are showing high progresses and advancements in their economies. Their products and services are now reaching long distances around the world. Other developing countries also have to take lessons from these model nations. If they can give enough attention to the industry and can do the desired tasks, they can see the economic transitions that the above model nations are able to see.

Thus, in order to see those results first of all each and every developing country needs to know and believe that E-commerce is now becoming an obligation to compete in the global business environment. Globalization is making our world a small village and highly simplifying business activities. Today entering to the global business network is a very simple task as people from one corner of the world is now reaching people in the opposite corner of the world just from their bedrooms. In addition, individuals, companies and nations as a whole are getting tremendous financial benefits and raising their competitiveness in the global market.

If developing nations want to grow their economies, entering and competing to the international business is mandatory. And doing business electronically (E-commerce) is now the technology level that business environment today reaches. Therefore, these nations need to put the advancement of Information and Communication Technologies and E-commerce among their priorities. This asks the collaboration of all concerned bodies, professionals, government bodies, law and policy makers, banks and the society as a whole.

Magento Development For Developing Ecommerce Websites

Availability of several ecommerce solutions in the business industry can create a critical condition for business owners in the selection of best one to meet online business needs. Ecommerce solution is said to be very successful when it satisfies the visitors, sellers and buyers in all aspects of business on the web. Among various ecommerce solutions, the most popular and effective is Magento. In the world of online business, it is having a decent position. It is a unique system for doing ecommerce over the web having great features for the management. Magento is an open source ecommerce solution.

With an introduction of magento in the internet market, website development becomes easy and cheap. Going for magento development while creating a website is a good option as it includes attractive design along with functionality. The magento ecommerce platform brings the flexibility with industry leading features and provides merchants control over online store operations. Most of the reliable service providers offer:

  • Entire Magento installation
  • Configuring and customization of solutions
  • Template design, version upgrades and maintenance of magento based stores
  • Store optimization
  • Developing SEO friendly magento solutions

Magento development is very necessary part for ecommerce success. The technology with high end features gives online sales booming. Companies that have experienced and professional magento developers provide customized ecommerce application solution. Creating online ecommerce website is not an easy task. It is not a just design simple product website and integrate payment gateway, but complete ecommerce solution is one that gives you functionality of your website. In addition, a complete ecommerce solution also gives you success over the market competition.

According to experts, who have experimented a range of solutions of past years, doing ecommerce business by using magento. These experts have realized that it provides great professional environment to online businesses. It results in high profits in monetary terms and elevates performance ability in an industry. For developing the ecommerce website, one can hire professional magento developer from reputed web development firm to get the experience of powerful solution.

Hiring professional developer provides optimum utilization of ecommerce technology such as one can experience the automatic SEO, price change effect to whole site quickly, single page check out feature, ship to multiple addresses, easy-to-use admin system and administration of multiple sites. Expert designers will help you to build an attractive design for ecommerce store and developers will offer perfect integration to make it unique from others.

There are several benefits can be gained by hiring reliable magento developers from reputed magento development company.

  • An organize merchandising
  • Improved online store functionality
  • Business promotion
  • Beautiful visualization of online ecommerce store
  • Market expansion
  • Customer review, etc are some benefits which ultimately takes your business to the next level.

Not all the developers have the ability to deal with magento technology, so it is better that you choose the right company to obtain maximum benefits. Get the services at one point at affordable prices by making a thorough research online and decrease your hassles.


In this world of online searching and shopping, you should not stay behind. Get ready to adopt cost-effective magento services.